Volkswagen ID3

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Volkswagen ID3 First model of the ID range presented by the German brand replace the e-Golf, this compact is marketed in September 2019, up to 550 km range.

The ID 3 has gradually evolved into a camouflaged version in the summer of 2019 and revealed in its final version on 9 September 2019 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. With a length of 4.26 meters, it imitates the Golf, and offers a width of 1.81 meters and 1.55 m high.

Engine and performance of the Volkswagen ID.3

A single engine on the rear axle animates the German compact. With a power of 150 kW (204 horsepower), it has the charge to push the total weight of 1,719 kg.

The electric Volkswagen operates at 0 to 100 km/h in about eight seconds and has a top speed of 160 km/h.

Autonomy and batteries

In terms of range, the Volkswagen ID 3 offers three configurations:

45 kWh which will be the entry level with 330 km of range

58 kWh, intermediate version with 420 km range

77 kWh for range of up to 550 kilometres

Recharging ID.3

On the charging part, the Volkswagen ID3 will incorporate a built-in charger for up to 7.2 kW (11 kW in 77 kWh).

As standard, there is a Combo socket for fast charging in 50 kW, with 100 kW optional on the 45 and 58 kWh models, or even 125 kW for the 77 kWh. At 100 kW power, this allows you to recover up to 80% range (up to 290 km) in 30 minutes of charge.

ID Features

In addition to its 100% electric operating mode, the Volkswagen ID also announces the 100% autonomous driving devices that the German brand wants to implement from 2025.

Equipped with a retractable steering wheel, Volkswagen’s electric car will eventually be able to move on its own thanks to a device called “ID Pilot” on which the manufacturer is working.

Versions of ID.3

Beyond the ID.3 1st, the launch edition, Volkswagen offers three variants of its ID3:

The entry-level ID.3 Pure will rely on a 45 kWh battery. Allowing up to 330 km of range, it will be combined with a 7.2 kW AC charge and a combo connector of up to 50 kW (100 kW optional)

Close to the current ID.3 First, the ID.3 Pro will be the mid-range. Equipped with a 58 kWh battery, it will allow up to 420 kilometres of WLTP cycle range. With a capacity of 11 kW, the AC charger is complemented by a 100 kW combo connector.

The higher-end ID.3 Pro S will have the largest battery. With a capacity of 77 kWh, it allows up to 550 kilometres of range. On the charging side, the 11 kW on-board charger will be paired with a 125 kW combo connector.

Note that the power of the engines should vary depending on the version. At this stage, Volkswagen does not disclose more.

Price of the Volkswagen ID.3
Integrated into Volkswagen’s electric offensive, the ID.3 announces a selling price of less than 30,000 euros for the basic version of the ID.3 (45 kWh battery). The aim of the brand is to be able to offer its car at a price close to a thermal equivalent. The ID.3 1st with 58 kWh battery has a base price of 40,000 euros.

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