Volkswagen becomes Voltswagen in the united states, why?

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The German manufacturer changes its name in the United States and plans big ambitions: it wants a world leader in the electric vehicle niche, before Tesla, from 2025.

She had delivered a paper on the subject, apparently. What to address questions about the possibility of deception on April 1. The German press particularly likes jokes and toppings of all kinds. But Volkswagen’s U.S. spokesman told AFP that the change was initially announced on April 29 and reflecting the group’s proposed changing models. This transformation coincides with the country’s launch of a promotional campaign for vehicle ID. 4, the Volkswagen electric SUV. “We hope that our cars are electric in the U.S. until the end of the next decade, and we hope that the attention we are providing today will help communicate these goals and commitments with all,” the spokesman said.

In the same vein, the general engines introduced a new logo at the beginning of the year, which aimed to symbolize vehicles to vehicles, which should offer unradiated emissions, including a new shape for the letter M, a power outlet. The return to electrifying also allows Volkswagen to turn the page on the diesel gate scandal faster, costing billions of euros and part of your reputation.

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