Tesla Model S: Elon Musk embarks on price war with Lucid

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Lucid has unveiled a new cheaper model of its first vehicle. Elon Musk reacted quickly in the night to lower the price of the Model S.

It is now clear that Elon Musk is not the biggest fan of the Lucid Motors brand. The new carmaker, headed by Peter Rawlinson (a Tesla alumnus), recently unveiled its first Lucid Air vehicle capable of fully competing with Tesla’s best car, the Model S. The latter had reacted very quickly with the announcement of the Tesla Model S Plaid allowing to catch up on paper the best features of the Lucid Air, including this announced range of more than 840 km.

That was not to mention the lucid Motors replica.

Lucid Motors unveiled a new configuration of its Lucid Air overnight. Marketed at $69,900, this new model necessarily makes some concessions. This increases to a power of 480 horsepower for an announced range of 653 km. The car is equipped with a single-engine powertrain, and an ultra-high voltage 900-power electric architecture with a quick dc charging option.

This price below $70,000 allowed Lucid Air to be more competitive than Tesla, whose Model S was around $80,000. At least until Elon Musk’s reaction. Bookings for Lucid Air began as soon as the announcement was made.

In a quick tweet, Elon Musk acknowledges the challenge that has been thrown at his car brand, implies the announcement of the Lucid Air, and announces a price drop today of the Tesla Model S.

In the United States, the new tariff is $69,420. Here, Elon Musk chose to refer to two numbers commonly used in American slang. A new way for him to cultivate his image as a user of Internet culture and memes.

This price drop was clearly not expected. It comes just two days after the manufacturer lowered the worldwide price of its Model S. In France, the Model S then had a drop of 4000 euros. The Model S Grande Autonomy thus goes under the 80,000 euro mark. The Performance model increases to 96,990 euros.

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