Tesla Model C First Image For The Future Electric Compact

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After starting local manufacturing of its Model 3, Tesla is looking to hire designers for its future electric compact, of which it delivers a first illustration.

On January 7, Elon Musk visited the Chinese production site in Shanghai. Not just for his good wishes 2020, but to launch a new era very Chinese …

The manufacturer’s boss had celebrated the launch of the first locally produced Model 3, and the future production line of the Model Y. Better, he announced the creation of a research and design center, as well as a Tesla model dedicated to China for a global spread.

To form this new hub, Tesla launched its recruitment campaign on the social network WeChat. “Even if you’re not a car designer, you’re invited to come because you’ll design more than just a car,” it says. Tesla wants to recruit en masse, and is even looking for amateurs! To apply, anyone must send 6 images of their greatest achievements, and this before February 1st.

But what kind of model wants to develop Tesla? Many agree to see a Tesla Model C. A C for China, but why not for Compact. In addition to the incentives to apply, the Californian firm has published a car sketch.

There is a kind of Model 3 in the urban format, a rival style of Renault ZOE. Proof of the urban ambition of this next vehicle? A track that would make sense in China, where labour is less expensive. This would allow for greater savings on a more affordable model and therefore at reduced margins.

Also, the segment of electric city dwellers is the most dynamic. In China, it is now dominated by BAIC, BYD and SAIC, the local manufacturers. The Tesla Model 3 is the only foreign person to be in the Top 10 of electric sales. But the goal now is to be at the top…

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