how many vehicles has tesla delivered in 2020?

2021 LOOKS GOOD FOR TESLA, BUT SEVERAL CHALLENGES LIE AHEAD. There was a time when Tesla’s production capacity was in doubt across the automotive sphere. The company has been able to cope with adversity and respond to its critics by working hard and today it can really say “mission accomplished”. In 2020, at the height […]


the most reliable cars in 2020

all this data are to be taken with tweezers, the study of consumption reports was carried out on an extremely large sample at a global level. However, the reliability of a car depends heavily on its use and maintenance on the part of its owner. What is obvious is the evolution of some models compared […]


dog names male

You have just adopted a dog and you are looking for a name or a dog name styled, classy, original and funny? Finding an original dog name is a complicated task as it is a name you will use every day and for years to come. It is normal that you have doubts and try […]

car science

Bill Gates raises controversy over electric trucks.

Bill Gates threw some cold water at Tesla’s electric truck project known as “Tesla Semi” and recent comments from Elon Musk about the possibility of producing commercial electric planes. Electric vehicle specialist Electrek published an article by Fred Lambert about Gates’ doubts about the power of electric power to move large vehicles such as trucks […]


Volkswagen ID3

Volkswagen ID3 First model of the ID range presented by the German brand replace the e-Golf, this compact is marketed in September 2019, up to 550 km range. The ID 3 has gradually evolved into a camouflaged version in the summer of 2019 and revealed in its final version on 9 September 2019 at the […]


The story of Elon Musk and Tesla car

Tesla’s story is both simple and complex. Simple, because it only creates electric cars. Complex, because its president, Elon Musk, is very much so! Tesla and Elon Musk are inseparable, with the 48-year-old South African multi-billionaire being mistakenly considered its founder. It is true that Musk founded many companies, not least PayPal (computer financial services), […]