Elon Musk Revealed Latest Secrets of His Car TESLA

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Tesla’s ceo, electric car manufacturer Elon Musk, posted a short video on his official Twitter account that appears to be able to talk to people not only inside the car but also abroad.

It’s no secret that Tesla wants to use more Artificial Intelligence in its business, having appointed Andrej Karpathy two years ago to lead the computer vision and artificial intelligence team, and the company has expanded its team ever since.

Tesla’s basic use of artificial intelligence is clearly to develop self-driving capability, but the automaker has also expanded it to include other things, for example, it has developed a neurosis network for weather detection.

The company’s CEO is pushing for better voice commands to take control of the company’s cars, and has said for some time that cars will eventually be able to answer, and it seems he is still planning to do so according to the new tweet.

Model 3 can be heard in the video saying, “Don’t just stare there, followed by another less sound comment.

Last year, Tesla changed the underside of the model 3’s front end in order to get a speaker, a move that was a preparation for Tesla to add a pedestrian warning system to model 3 in accordance with the regulatory requirements of quiet vehicles in the United States and Europe.

Last year, the company also released an update to the Model 3 that allowed it to play an audible tone when the car moved slowly (up to 30 km/h) in driving or backwards.

Tesla seems to want to take advantage of being forced to add external speakers to its cars and launch new features, but Elon Musk did not say when the new feature would arrive.

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