elon musk gest star of a volkswagen conferonce

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Tesla and Volkswagen have reunited via their leading figures, Herbert Diess and Elon Musk. The latter spoke in front of directors of the German brand.

This is an astonishing invitation from Herbert Diess, the CEO of Volkswagen. He called on Elon Musk to come and talk about the success of Tesla and some of the achievements of the American brand. The internal conference attended by Musk brought together 200 Volkswagen directors and focused on the evolution of the automotive market. The CEO of Tesla intervened to give his vision of the electric car.

Diess knows that Volkswagen will have to evolve greatly, as the electric market accelerates. “Volkswagen has done very good things in the past,” he said. “In the old world, Volkswagen is solid, but there is no guarantee for the new world.” He added that he wanted “faster decisions, less bureaucracy and more responsibility.”

Musk explained how Tesla was adapting to the market and its evolution. Tesla’s reaction to the chip crisis, which was made by rewriting part of the software, is a very good example.

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