Avoid buying them this time. Elon Musk’s Advice for Tesla Car Ers

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Musk attributed the poor quality of paint to some Tesla models at some point because of an attempt to reach an ambitious goal of selling half a million cars.

The quality of Tesla cars is affected whenever the company increases production dramatically, one of the company’s CEO Elon Musk’s admissions.

In an interview with auto industry analyst Sandy Monroe, Musk said on his YouTube channel that Tesla was making cars so fast towards the end of 2020 that it was ruining paint jobs.

Tesla has received a lot of criticism for the quality of its cars, especially after it started making them in relatively large quantities with model 3 and Model Y.

Musk was candid about quality control problems, saying, “It took us some time to complete the production process, and friends ask me: When should I buy a Tesla car? I say to them: either you buy it at first, or when production reaches a stable state.”

“But, during the period of increased production, it is very difficult to be in a position to get everything right even in small details.”

Monroe asked him why there were paint problems with the new Model 3, while another car produced a month later was better. Musk replied that Tesla had improved the quality of the paint at the end of last year.

The Model 3 is now more than 3 years old, and the company spent most of 2020 trying to achieve Musk’s ambitious goal of selling 500,000 cars in this category, which seems to have led to more quality problems with paint.

“One of the things that happened when we were working to increase production was that the paint didn’t necessarily dry enough,” Musk said.

Monroe is renowned for his meticulous scrutiny of all types of cars, and his criticism of Tesla’s cars has been very popular, as his assessment of the 2018 Model 3 has been harsh, comparing its quality to that of the 1990s Kia.

“I can’t imagine how they launched this,” Musk said in an interview.

This is one of Musk’s most remarkable interviews in a long time, and he and Monroe have delved into several other Tesla themes, such as custom seats, and how the company tries to avoid similar quality problems with model y and auto assistant.

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